Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Baby Bump, Is She Really Pregnant?

The 20 year old reality star, Kylie Jenner is creating a lot of buzz around the internet because of her baby rumours. She is one of the active users of social media and the so called baby rumor broke out with a picture she posted on Instagram.

Recently, the Life of Kylie star shared a pic her much-awaited baby bump, but to the disappointment of fans, the picture was not that clear.

The picture she posted revealed her amazing curves. The news regarding her pregnancy with boyfriend Travis Scott, is making her think twice before posting any pic. So now she has stopped posting her sexy pics and started uploading a series of old snaps.

This has resulted many people to think that the news is not a rumor. Finally Kylie broke the silence and posted a fresh snap of herself along with her best friend Jordyn Woods.

The caption revealed that it was a recent pic and this picture even showed her tiny baby bump.

She posed standing beside Jordyn. Her black T-shirt was lifted up and her midsection could be seen. The tummy seemed flat in the pic, but fans need some more time to settle down.

After revealing her flat tummy, Kylie shared some of her professional pics where she seemed advertising her cosmetic line and sunnies collection.

Just like everyone, we are also hoping Kylie and Scott to soon address to the baby rumors and officially tell the truth.

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